Pastry products, pizzas

System description

Automatic material handling systems for feeding kneading units, mixers for flours, ingredients, water, yeast, including process leading and visualization technology.


External / internal silos, containers, discharge stations for bags, big bags and drums, suction weighing systems, drums, tanks, fluid scales for ingredients and small components: AZO COMPONENTER®, DOSINENTER® and ManDos, process-IT.


  • Consistent product quality – achieved through tightly toleranced production operations
  • Reduction in production costs
  • Guaranteed freshness – First-in, first-out (FIFO) principle is implemented
  • Design of equipment HACCP-compliant and suitable for foodstuffs
  • Traceability of raw materials and batches
  • High availability – through structured lines of control concept
  • Compliance with specifications, e.g. ATEX, EHDG

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Fresh bakery products / buns
Baking ingredient mixes