Spices, flavours

System description

Automatic material handling systems for feeding cleaning systems, mills and mixers with salt, starch, spices and ingredients, then to convey these completed spice mixtures to the packaging lines, including process leading and visualization technology.


External / internal silos, containers, tanks, loading stations for bags, big bags, and drums, suction weighing systems, tanks, fluid scales for ingredients and small components: AZO COMPONENTER®, DOSINENTER® and ManDos, process-IT.


  • Contamination-free recipe composition – with special container systems
  • Reliable management of large numbers of raw materials
  • Efficient handling of a large number and variety of recipes
  • Consistent product quality – achieved through tightly toleranced production operations
  • Flexibility in production – through modular equipment areas
  • Guaranteed freshness – First-in, first-out (FIFO) principle is implemented
  • Design of equipment HACCP-compliant and suitable for foodstuffs
  • Traceability of raw materials and batches
  • High level of automation - by incorporating large, medium-sized and small components
  • Raw materials transfer in “batchtainers” – from the silo to the filling station
  • Compliance with specifications, e.g. ATEX, EHDG
  • Optimum incorporation in entire production process

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