System description

Automatic delivery systems for loading stirrer containers, mixers, conches and kneading units with sugar, corn starch, sorbital, cocoa, maltodextrin, milk powder, full milk powder, nuts etc., including process-related and display systems.


External / internal silos, loading station for bags, BIG BAGs, and drums, suction weighing systems, container systems, AZO COMPONENTER® DOSINENTER® and ManDos for additives and paints, tanks, fluid scales, process-related IT.


  • Reliable automation of all raw materials, whether large, small or liquid components
  • Safe, non-clumping handling of sugar, dextrose and powder sugar
  • High flexibility with changeovers, cleaning and wide varieties of product
  • Prevention of contamination of all forms
  • Reduction in manufacturing costs
  • Reliable compliance with ATEX guidelines
  • Reliable batch traceability acc. to EU 178

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