Drinks - filtration

System description

Automatic delivery systems for loading filtering units with gravel and stabilizers, including process control and display systems.


External silos, loading stations for BIG BAGs, suction/weighing systems, auto-suction initial mixing containers, process-related IT

Select the process steps which you wish to automate and optimize on our machines and systems:

Storing / discharging Conveying / weighing / feeding Operating / controlling

Components / standalone machines


  • Introduction of dry materials to liquids without generating dust and clumping through underfloor delivery in a vacuum
  • Sealed handling of filter additives
  • No incorrect metering or misuse of raw materials - achieved through automatic operation
  • High hygiene standards achieved through dust-free workplaces
  • No influence from outside odours, because the system is sealed
  • Production can be reproduced and documented at any point in time

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Beer filtration - Conveyor scale
Beer filtration - Mixing hopper
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