Active pharmaceutical ingredients

System description

Automatic material handling systems for feeding reactors and stirrer containers with basic chemicals, raw pharmaceutical materials and filter additives, including process leading and visualization technology.


Modular discharge stations for bags, drums, big bags and containers; DOSITAINER®, docking systems, filling systems.

Select the process steps which you wish to automate and optimize on our machines and systems:

Storing / discharging Feeding / screening Dosing / weighing (dry) Intermediante storing Operating / controlling

Components / standalone machines


  • Contamination-free recipe composition based on GMP guidelines
  • Sealed systems to protect products and operators
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Secure systems technology with standby lines
  • Reliable compliance with ATEX guidelines
  • Use of optimum materials for every active ingredient
  • High levels of flexibility and ease of cleaning through the use of modular technology
  • Skills & Training / Validation

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