Pharmaceuticals – liquids

System description

Automatic delivery systems for loading stirrers and associated containers with carrier substances and active ingredients.


Conversion and screening systems for bags, drums and BIG BAGs, central weighing-in unit as container system with FTS, loading systems for stirrers and associated containers, process-related IT.

Select the process steps which you wish to automate and optimize on our machines and systems:

Reconfigurating Screening / lumb breaking Weighing Mixing Conveying / feeding Operating / controlling

Components / standalone machines


  • Automation of the entire solids area
  • Low-dust docking and loading of solids into associated containers
  • Zero-residue system reduces the risk of germ formation
  • Reliable compliance with GAMP4 guidelines
  • Reduction of manufacturing costs through high level of automation
  • Reliable batch traceability and reproducibility
  • Skills & Training / Validation

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