AZO scored at the iba

As leading global trade fair for bakeries, confectioneries and snacks, the iba is the platform for the innovations of this industry and offers a complete overview of all innovations on the market.  

The iba is the meeting point for the most successful companies of the bakery, confectionery and snack industry from the large bakers to the industrial solution.

Why does AZO exhibit at the iba? The answer is very simple: the greatest part of the bakery products and snacks available on today´s market consists of ready-to-bake mixtures or is manufactured industrially. And this is precisely where AZO comes into play. AZO equipments ensure that when producing foodstuff international standards are complied with such as the IFS Food (International Featured Standard Food) and the BRC Global Standard (British Retail Consortium). Thus, it is possible to guarantee the highest level of constant quality within the specified tolerance limits.

Whether it is for health of lifestyle reasons: more and more people increasingly pay attention to the ingredients in their food. Vegan cakes, lactose-free bakery products, gluten-free bread: “free from” bakery products and snacks are more in demand than ever before. At the iba, bakers and confectioners learn how to score with the consumers with their new products.  

AZO´s part is to provide the reliable automation of the production processes. When baking at home, the ingredients are screened and weighed by hand. For large-scale production in a bakery or in a manufacturing company, the machines and equipments of AZO help with the automatic feeding of large and middle-sized components as well as with the integration of small components such as spices and ingredients into the automatic process.

When manufacturing bakery products, bakery improvers and baking mixes, it is the precise compliance with recipes that decides on the consistency of the product quality. The producer must be able to rely on the exact feeding of the raw materials. Every feeding must be documented. The AZO COMPONENTER® in round design is able to automatically weigh up to 40 batches per hour. The screening of the raw materials as well as the powdery ready-to-bake mixes with an AZO screening machine ensures that no foreign matter comes into contact with the production process and that the finished products are immaculate. As complete supplier, AZO offers equipment and control technology from one hand. Once again, the innovative solutions by AZO SOLIDS and AZO CONTROLS for the bakery and snack industry that were shown at the iba were well received.

The 23rd iba ended with more than 77,500 expert visitors from more than 170 countries.

We once again managed to receive some very interesting projects so that AZO will continue to be successful in this important business segment.

Exhibitions Germany

04.04.2017 - 06.04.2017
European Coatings Show 2017 Nuremberg