Manufacture of high-quality nutritional supplements

schüttguthandling rohstoffhandling pneumatische förderanlagen mischerbeschickung azo

Investment objectives

  • production with consistently high quality in compliance with international norms such as GPA, FDA and EU Standards
  • future-proof concept with surplus capacity to accommodate further growth
  • flexible production of different formulations in order to react quickly to customer requirements
  • efficient handling of raw materials with minimum Attrition
  • energy-efficient production and careful management of resources
  • transparent production processes that are fully documented with batch tracing
  • the most exacting Hygiene standards and ease of cleaning for the System
  • reliable weighing accuracy for high product quality
  • improved efficiency and increased security thanks to automation of production processes, simultaneously reducing the number of production staff


The AZO solution

  • Type DA cyclone screener: exact dosing and reliable control Screening
  • Provision of batches using Container System: flexible, energy-efficient and no contamination
  • Hygienic manufacturing thanks to rigorous wet cleaning of BATCHTAINERs®
  • AZO COMPONENTER®: automatic batch provision for manufacturing effective powders
  • Straightforward, intuitive operation makes flexible assignment of staff possible
  • AZO COMPONENTER®: assembling of formulations without generating dust and without contamination
  • Complete, fully documented batch tracing ensure high quality for products

Automatic handling of raw materials from innovative single systems to turnkey solutions

AZO automates handling of large, medium and small components in granular, powder and liquid form

AZO is the specialist for automated handling of raw materials and of processes.

We provide everything as a single supplier – from the initial concept, from innovative individual components for storage, discharge, screening, conveying, dosing and weighing of raw materials right through to a turnkey solution, namely an entire plant ready for operation: plant engineering and construction, process engineering and process IT dovetail seamlessly.


Our success is based first and foremost on the quality and reliability of our solutions and the accumulated experience of 65 years in building automatic material handling systems.

The AZO Group provides support for successful companies all over the world in implementing innovative projects by using the technologies of the future and through its extensive network of production and sales companies.

Mixer feeding in the manufacture of cheese-making ingredients

Investment objectives

  • A new plant for the production of dry mixes of cheese, yoghurt and butter culture media
  • Hygienic production in conformance with ISO and HACCP standards
  • Surplus capacity to accommodate further increases in production
  • Production of kosher and halal products
  • Full wet cleaning of the entire plant with subsequent drying

The AZO solution

  • Hygiene and cleanliness thanks to intensive wet cleaning
  • Producing mixtures of dry ingredients
  • AZO equipment with its high standard of quality
  • Exact dosing and reliable control screening
  • Exploiting surplus capacity to the maximum thanks to the use of containers
  • Simple and convenient operation

Production of engineered plastic compounds with highly versatile, state-of-the-art process control technology

Investment objectives

  • Comprehensive system for handling raw materials, integrating all the suppliers in the value chain
  • Modular concept that allows for further expansion
  • Maximum flexibility in using a variety of raw materials
  • Systems that are easy to clean and fast to change over
  • Economical and efficient production of small, medium and large batches
  • Continuous process monitoring thanks to a user-friendly process control system
  • Reliable partner, who still provides support for servicing and spare parts even years later
  • Certified quality and environmental management


The AZO solution

  • Reliable handling of raw materials
  • Future-proof, modular raw material supply
  • Secure, operator-guided and fully documented supply of additives by using ManDos
  • Providing the ideal response to the demands of the market






Automatic provision of raw materials during the manufacture of PVC dryblend

Investment objectives

  • Quality
  • High availability and low plant downtime
  • Process reliability
  • Repeatability accuracy and exact adherence to formulation
  • Flexibility
  • Transparency
  • Cleanliness
  • Tracking of batches through complete documentation
  • Process and control technology from one single supplier


The AZO solution

  • Remarkably flexible materials provision by delivery of highly diverse raw material containers
  • Integration of all raw materials in the automatic process
  • Automation of small and micro ingredients:exact dosing, complete documentation
  • Flexibility in the feeding of the extruder lines
  • Central process control and visualisation system

Exhibitions Germany

04.04.2017 - 06.04.2017
European Coatings Show 2017 Nuremberg


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