Flexible, dust-tight docking of dosing units to bulk solids containers with scale decoupling

Schüttguthandling, Rohstoffhandling, pneumatische Fördersysteme, Schüttgutcontainer, Wirbelstrom-Siebmaschinen

The advantages of the Docking System with scale decoupling right to the point:

  • Dust-tight docking of bulk solids containers to dosing units
  • Decoupling between the scale and dosing unit
  • Contamination prevention
  • Sealed containers to protect products and operators
  • Allows for automatic container handling
  • Hygienically designed, easy to dismantle and to clean

Further information on the Docking System with scale decoupling, here

Big bag connecting system Type BBA...VS with vibrating perforated sheet for dust-free docking and reliable discharging

schüttguthandling rohstoffhandling pneumatische förderanlagen mischerbeschickung azo

The advantages of the big bag connecting system type BBA ... VS right to the point:

  • Dust-free docking
  • Reliable discharging
  • Integrated vibrating perforated sheet prevents foreign matter from getting into the production
  • Easy handling
  • Custom application 
  • Very convenient to clean and maintain owing to quick disassembling of the individual components 
  • Compact design

Further information on big bag connecting system with vibrating perforated sheet, here

Filling and weighing station for small packages

The advantages of the Filling and weighing station for small packages right to the point:

  • When combined with the DA cyclone screener, the functions of dosing, screening and filling are integrated in one system
  • Affordable basic version as a stand-alone solution for just the weighing process
  • Versatile thanks to rapid retooling to accommodate different receptacles (sacks, tubs, boxes)
  • Modular design allows customised configuration and upgrading
  • Weights and measures approved scales in the 10-50 kg weighing range


Further information on filling and weighing station for small packages, here

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