The AZO Group – Our corporate principles

We are living in a world marked more than ever before by change. Economic globalization and the short-lived nature of products are just two examples in this context which significantly influence the way in which we go about our daily business.  

We are ready and willing to take on these new challenges, to learn, to develop ourselves and act flexibly. This applies not only to each and every one of our company’s employees but also to the AZO Group in its organizational entirety.  Only on this basis can we work innovatively, guarantee our customers the very highest standards of quality, grow sustainably, and thus ensure and secure the success of our family business. 

We see ourselves as a business enterprise with social responsibility. Trust, reliability and partnership are the cornerstones of our daily work.



Partnership as a basis

As a capable and dependable partner, we take an interest in our customer’s ideas, and get to know their needs and requirements via direct dialogue with them. On this basis we can then work together to come up with comprehensive, innovative solutions.

We consistently orientate our corporate structure and organization to the needs of our customers.

The AZO Group’s vertical integration in conjunction with strategic alliances with customers and partners ensures a high degree of specialization and fast response to the requirements of our customers and the market.


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Customer benefit as priority

The name AZO today stands worldwide for supremely reliable and technologically mature solutions in the sphere of automation. We measure the quality of our services by considering the customer benefit they generate.

The reliability of our systems in combination with specifically configured and fine-tuned process IT makes for the highest possible availability – and thus for excellent economic efficiency at the same time.


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Into the future with confidence

We are continuously developing and enhancing our products, and adapting them to the future requirements of the market. At the same time we are always open to new ideas  – and we are not afraid to translate them into innovative products.

The readiness of our processes and systems for the future ensure the long-term security and benefits of our customer’s investments.

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Knowledge makes for a competitive edge

Rapid access to key information gives those who have it a decisive competitive edge. For this reason we use all available media and expand our information system continuously. This system is available to all of our employees, and each and every one of them has access to the latest data at any time throughout the world. This also facilitates faster service for our customers.

Our employees have sound knowledge of new process and control techniques and technologies, and are willing at all times to learn more every day in order to maintain our cutting-edge expertise to the benefit of our customers.


Is an initiative to promote the employees at AZO.

A training program has been existed since 2002 at AZO.
This is a free offer for all employees. The diverse courses offered
cover a wide spectrum: it is possible to learn foreign languages
with AZO academy, to keep informed about the latest techniques or
to do sporty activities.


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Sustainability as a matter of principle

AZO takes on responsibility for the environment and
resources – and this is reflected in our internal production processes: we use raw materials consciously and efficiently, recycle our production-induced waste, and use renewable energies.

Our ecological commitment is also expressed in our product development activities. The energy-efficient design and configuration of our systems and their precise functioning form the basis for the economic use of resources on the part of our customers as well.

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Quality made in Germany – worldwide

Economic globalization is opening up new regions and markets for us throughout the world. We work together with our worldwide network of partners and service personnel on the development of innovative and forward-looking solutions and trends.

The AZO Group is present and active today in more than 40 countries – but our home is and always will be Germany.

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Concentration on our strengths

Our activities are aimed at securing a leading market position in our target groups in the spheres of food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and plastics, to which end we are pressing ahead with expansion in all of the key industrial countries.

We see enhancing productivity and fostering innovation as two of our most important tasks.

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Daring to have visions

Already today, we concern ourselves with the challenges of tomorrow – so that you too can realize your visions with us in the future.

Not only the new requirements of the end products manufactured with our systems, but also new chemicals and raw materials are constantly leading to highly interesting perspectives for our product development.

Visions and innovative ideas will be in demand in the future as well. When assessing all future chances and risks we shall trust in our common sense and good judgement to the advantage of our customers, our employees and our environment. 


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Exhibitions Germany

04.04.2017 - 06.04.2017
European Coatings Show 2017 Nuremberg