Big bag discharge systems

Big bag discharge stations are used for discharging big bags. The discharge systems are equipped with lifting gear and a big bag connection system with a press-on lid or inflatable collar. These systems for discharging big bags can also be combined with systems for feeding sacks and drums.

Connectiong system for big bags

AZO data sheets: Animations: Big-Bag Anschlusssystem

Big-Bag Anschlusssystem

Big bag discharge station with lifting device

AZO data sheets: Animations: Big-Bag Entleerstation

Big-Bag Entleerstation

Big bag discharge station, can be lowered

AZO data sheets: Animations: Komfortables Big-Bag Anschlusssystem

Komfortables Big-Bag Anschlusssystem

Combined pickup station

AZO data sheets: Animations: Gecombineerde Big Bag beladingssyteeem

Kombinierte Aufgabestation für Säcke und Big-Bags

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Connecting system for big bag
Big-Bag connection system with vacuum docking
Big bag connection system type BBA...VS with vibrating perforated sheet
Big bag discharge station with lifting device
Big bag discharge station
Combined pickup station


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Big bag dumping system