Big bag connecting system with slitting device

schüttguthandling rohstoffhandling pneumatische förderanlagen mischerbeschickung azo

Special advantages:

  • Reliable handling of big bags with either a short or no outlet spout
  • Ideal solution where ceiling clearance is low
  • Dust-free docking
  • Reliable discharge
  • Easy Handling

Preferred applications:

For dust-free docking and reliable discharging of big bags, specifically for free-flowing bulk solids. This system is particularly suitable for big bags that have no outlet spout or only a short one. This system removes with the need for the manual actions “docking” and “opening”. The result is that handling during discharge is easier and faster. Docking is also possible at any height. However docking close to ground level is the obvious choice so that subsequent hoppers can be accommodated on the floor below. This means that this system is particularly well suited for using when there is low ceiling clearance.

Functional principle:

The big bags are placed in front of the discharge station on transport pallets using the fork lift and the straps are slipped over the support beam of the lifting gear. Then the big bag is raised with the chain hoist, moved to the discharge station and lowered for docking there.
Special circular vacuum aspiration is used for dust-free docking and to fix the big bag in position. Next, the big bag is slit open at the bottom with a pneumatically operated blade so that a 270° segment of fabric can be folded down out of the way. This creates an opening through which the product can flow out. A massager device can be used to aid discharge if bulk solids are not free-flowing.

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Big-Bag connection system with vacuum docking