Big bag connection system with vakuum docking

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Special advantages:

  • No dependence on suppliers of raw materials
  • For universal use
  • Simple construction makes it easy to clean
  • Saves height and space
  • High-grade chromium-nickel steel design

Preferred applications:

The system for dust-free docking of big bags and for reliable discharge of free-flowing bulk solids is particularly suitable for big bags that have no discharge spout or only a short one. The complete content of a big bag can be emptied in a short time into a following container.

Functional principle:

The big bag being discharged is lifted with hoisting gear and lowered onto the big bag discharge station until it comes into contact with the vacuum docking system. This system generally consists of a cylindrical housing around the top edge of which is a circumferential vacuum channel that is open at the top. The spacer grating covers the top opening.

An underpressure generator can be connected on the underside of the vacuum channel. As soon as the big bag is placed on the spacer grating, the underpressure generator creates a vacuum to form a temporary, dust-tight connection between the underside of the big bag and the docking system.

This new solution has been registered as a utility model under the number DE 20 2012 003 109.0 at the German Patent Office.

There are two different discharge systems offered, depending on the type of big bag being used.

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Big-Bag connection system with vacuum docking