Cleaning station for dry cleaning containers and hoppers

Schüttguthandling, Rohstoffhandling, pneumatische Fördersysteme, Schüttgutcontainer, Wirbelstrom-Siebmaschinen

Special advantages:

  • Downtimes and transportation over long distances are avoided as separate wet cleaning with subsequent drying is rendered unnecessary.
  • Containers with small inlet apertures are cleaned effectively.
  • The cleaning unit can be adapted to virtually any geometric shape of rotation-symmetrical containers.
  • Closed system during cleaning avoids exposing the operator and the environment to dust.
  • Various levels of automation possible.

Preferred applications:

For cleaning the inside of rotation-symmetrical containers and hoppers with compressed air. Used wherever dry cleaning is sufficient or wet cleaning is not possible. The ingenious design makes it possible to automatically remove product residue and clean the inside of containers. Thanks to the folding mechanism, it is also possible to clean containers with small inlet apertures, as the cleaning unit only unfolds once it is inside the container.

Functional principle:

The cleaning unit, which is moved vertically by means of a linear drive, is attached to a vertical column with a cantilever arm. The cleaning unit consists of two arms on which the cleaning nozzles are attached. These arms are folded together tightly as the cleaning unit is inserted into the container and they do not open out until fully inserted in the container. Once unfolded close to the walls, the unit is rotated during the cleaning cycle by a pneumatic rotary drive. This enables it to reach all corners on the inside of the container and to clean them with compressed air. The nozzles have a central supply of cleaning air that runs in a flexible energy supply chain.

The container equipped with an outlet valve is placed in the cleaning station. Centring corners make it easier to position the container. The patented docking collar creates a dust-tight connection between the container outlet and the suction hopper. An aspiration line from a central filter station is connected to the suction hopper. The product residue that are removed during the cleaning process are drawn off and disposed of in a central system.



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Container cleaning station