Docking station for BATCHTAINER®

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Special advantages:

  • The patented docking collar provides dust-free product discharge from BATCHTAINER®
  • Fast and flexible product change over
  • Even ingredients which are difficult to discharge can be handled using the vibratory discharge system
  • Heavy duty construction, fits commonly used container styles and sizes.
  • Optional identification systems prove that the right container is in place and provide batch tracking and documentation.

Preferred applications:

The container docking station provides dust-free product discharge from BATCHTAINER®. Use of BATCHTAINER® is increasing due to the flexibility and ease of connection to an automated system. Processes requiring non bulk ingredients with accurate lot and batch tracking are excellent applications for these containers.

Functional principle:

The AZO BATCHTAINER® is placed on the container docking station by a fork lift or other lifting device. If vibration is required for discharge the container must be locked in place with air operated latches. An optional electronic identification system assures that the right container is in place before discharge can begin. A dust tight connection is made with the pat-ented docking collar. The BATCHTAINER® remains on the dock-ing station as long as the ingredient is required by the process. When changing containers you simply close the discharge valve, and, if necessary, release the locking device. Then the BATCHTAINER® can be returned to storage.

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Docking station for BATCHTAINER®