Sampling unit type PRA

schüttguthandling rohstoffhandling pneumatische förderanlagen mischerbeschickung azo

Special advantages:

Due to its compact design it is possible to remove samples from several pneumatic silos filling lines.

Preferred applications:

The unit is mostly used for the filling of outdoor and indoor silos. It is used for sampling during the product supply e. g. with tank trucks.

The pneumatic sampling unit consists of a receiver which can be connected to the individual silo filling lines and a small air cleaned filter. Additionally the unit can be equipped with level indicator and butterfly valve. The manual or pneumatic shut-off valve may be used for discharging the sampling hopper.

Functional principle:

During filling of the silo there is an overpressure existing and is therefore pressing a defined quantity into the receiver and the air is leaving through a filter. The filling level is controlled by a level indicator and gives a signal to the operator if the sample can be removed into the sampling hopper by the manual butterfly valve. After finishing of sampling the collection hopper can be removed by quick acting clamps and closed with a cover. This closed hopper can be brought to the laboratory. In this way one sample after the other can be removed from the pipe lines during filling. The product within the silo will only be used for production if the laboratory has given its release. If faults or anomalies occur during sampling it is possible to stop the supply for use in the production area. The product can then be discharged and returned to the supplier.

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Sampling unit type PRA