Sampling unit type PRK

schüttguthandling rohstoffhandling pneumatische förderanlagen mischerbeschickung azo

Special advantages:

The modular design ensures an optimal adjustment for each case of operation. Due to its easy-to-clean construction the unit is quickly demountable and can be cleaned efficiently. Both the manual drive with hand wheel and the pneumatic swivelling drive allow a convenient sampling

Preferred applications:

The unit is used for removal of samples out of down pipes or pressureless hoppers. The unit is useable for hoppers with a cone inclination up to 30° and free flowing products.


The sampling unit is available with pneumatic swivelling drive as well as with manual drive (hand-wheel). The installation of the sampling unit is possible either by means of tri-clamp connection or by flange. Basically the unit consist of a housing, a piston with through-hole, the connection flange, the collection hopper as well as the drive motor.

Functional principle:

The angular drilling of the piston is sticking within the product and will be released by means of a pneumatic swivelling drive or a manual drive with hand-wheel. The free flowing product is running through this drilling into the transparent collection hopper. After finishing of the sampling the collection hopper including the sample can be removed and closed with a cover. In order to keep the complete system closed and to avoid contamination it is recommended to fix a new, cleaned hopper immediately. These samples are removed and tested at regular intervals according to the laboratories requirements.

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Sampling unit type PRK