Sampling unit type PRS

schüttguthandling rohstoffhandling pneumatische förderanlagen mischerbeschickung azo

Special advantages:

Due to the modular design it is possible to adjust the screw shaft inclination as well as the drive according to the requested sampling capacity. The easy-to-clean design ensures an optimal adjustment for each case of operation by means of its modular design.

Preferred applications:

The unit is used for removal of samples or continuous sampling out of down pipes or pressureless hoppers with a cone inclination up to 30°.


The sampling unit is available with pneumatic drive, electric drive as well as with manual drive (hand-wheel). The installation e.g. within a down pipe or a hopper is possible by means of tri-clamp connection or by flange. The unit consist of a screw housing, a screw, the connection flange as well as a transparent collection hopper for the samples.

Functional principle:

If the sampling takes place as random or continuous sampling is defined by the corresponding control unit. Pneumatic, electric or manual turning of the screw removes a certain quantity from the passing product and transports it to the transparent collection hopper. After finishing of sampling the collection hopper including the sample can be removed by quick acting clamps and closed with a cover. This losed hopper can be brought to the laboratory. In order to keep the complete system closed and to avoid contamination it is recommended to fix a new, cleaned hopper immediately.

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Sampling unit type PRS