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Special advantages:

  • Operator-controlled
  • Product identification
  • Stock inventorying
  • Formula management
  • Item management
  • Editing of calibration data
  • Host coupling
  • Validatable software documentation

Preferred applications:

An operator-controlled manual weighing centre is useful for mini amounts of ingredients such as dyes, additives, flavours etc. whose automated handling does not pay off due to difficult physical characteristics or low volume and infrequent use. However, especially these mini amounts of ingredients decisively influence the formulation and therefore must not be transferred to the production process without monitoring and documentation.

Functional principle:

The modular programme system is designed according to the client-server principle and can be extended from a simple weighing terminal to a mini pilot system for formula management as well as quality control and documentation. The operator-controlled weighing operation is facilitated by a large colour VDU. The ManDos programme runs with the standard MicrosoftÒ Windows NTÒ operating system and therefore can be used with any kind of PC from standard office PCs to industrial PCs. A maximum of 3 scales with different weighing ranges can be connected to each workstation. Product documentation, with barcode if required, is emitted on paper or labels by a printer. The products are identified by means of a barcode scanner. The operator controls the system via a keyboard or pushbuttons. Depending on the particular utilization, the weight display can be either increasing or decreasing. The large actual value display is supported by a bar symbol which provides an additional colour signal to indicate that the tolerance window has been reached.

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