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Special advantages:


  • Air requirements
  • Product wear
  • Plant wear
  • Energy consumption
  • Filter load

Preferred applications:

Gentle and protective dense-phase conveying system for abrasive products such as PVC Dryblend, which tends to segregate and therefore needs to be conveyed as homogeneously as possible.

Functional principle:

This optimised pressure vessel conveying system effectively retains the fluidised state in bulk material by injecting secondary air. As a result, friction between the delivery pipe and product is drastically reduced.

The air feed is precisely adjusted by means of standardised proportional valves from the central controller. Product-specific optimisation is possible.
Special non-return valves that are located between the delivery line and injector valves ensure complete system safety and reliability.
These features work together to keep the conveying speeds low.
In comparison with airborne conveying systems, the plant and product wear is greatly reduced. Low compressed air consumption, reduced filter surface load and smaller pipe cross sections substantially cut the total cost of ownership (TCO).

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