Vacuum ring blower type S38

schüttguthandling rohstoffhandling pneumatische förderanlagen mischerbeschickung azo

Special advantages:

  • Ring blowers require no oil or maintenance
  • Sturdy construction for continuous operation
  • Compact design due to bearings located outside the compressor chamber
  • Optimum functional reliability even with high differential pressures
  • Ready for connection, short start-up times
  • Mounting in any axle position
  • Optional silencer at the vacuum or pressure end

Preferred applications:

For generating under-pressure in pneumatic vacuum conveying systems used for conveying of bulk materials in continuous operation. Large-dimension filters in the preceding receiver or secondary filter, which are automatically cleaned with compressed air, prevent dust from entering the vacuum blower.

Functional principle:

Vacuum blowers of the S38 series... ring blowers operate according to the side-channel principle. The air flows through the compressor on a helical path and, depending on the required operating point, is accelerated and consequently compressed several times. Thus higher pressures are often reached than is possible when using radial blowers with the same blower wheel diameter and the same speed. The maximum temperature of the conveying medium and the ambient temperature is 40° C.

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Vacuum ring blower type S38