Process control, supervision and simulation

MCC and PLC controls, graphic terminals, process visualisation systems, process control systems for production planning and batch monitoring as well as operator-controlled weighing systems such as ManDos are used for the efficient control, operation and supervision of complex feeding systems in production. The whole process is documented and a reliable verification of the recipe composition is assured by means of this process-related IT. Innovative simulation programs are used to optimise any existing production and to confirm the design data on new designs. Plant intelligence systems provide figures and data that are continuously used to optimise the production processes.



The installed operation terminals can be used everywhere due to their individual configuration possibilities. The possible applications range from visualization, via automatic control technology (measurement, control, adjustment) to control technology. The terminals could be operated both stand alone and within a network. All terminals possess on the current protection classes (protection class III according to VDE0631) and protection kinds (IP65 according to DIN40050 front, IP20 according to DIN40050 backside). In addition all used terminals are of course proofed according to CE.




In the field of PLC controls we count on national and international established technology from Siemens (Siemens PLC S7 / S5) and Allan Bradley. Thereby control systems for customized solutions can be created, generating a stable base for each production plant. In combination with the KASTOR process leading system and the visualization a homogenuous leading system will be generated which is equal to each challenge.




The visualization is done by standard tools, like Wonderware, GE Fanuc and Siemens. By use of a visualization, the production transparency of a system or one system component will definitely raise. Visualization simplifies the operation and control of each production plant. Additionally graphics of the actual state of a plant reduce the reaction time of the operation personell, since faults on graphics can be noticed in a better way as written messages.


Batch tracking

Chargen verfolgen
Chargen verfolgen – moderne Systemsoftware- und Komponenten

In order to reach the requirements of the EU-regulation 178/2002 in the food sector and the ISO 9000 (chapter 752) in the plastics sector, we offer most specific solutions and possibilities in line with the process leading technology. This possibilities and solutions include inter alia identifications of suppliers, notes, accounting and labeling of product input and output, recording of production data, analyzing and filing of all data. For collection of those important data various bar code and transponder systems are available, able to be converted to all production requirements.


Operator-controlled manual weighing

Bediengefuehrtes Wiegen

The designed program package ManDos (Manual dosing station) can exactly be converted by extensive configuration possibilities and by individual add-on programming to your specific requirements. ManDos closes the information gap occuring by missing computer support in not automated areas by means of documentation of all operator steps and weighing results. With ManDos all requirements of EU regulation 178/2002 in the food sector and ISO 9000 (chapter 752) in the plastics sector can be reached. By labeling of final units by means of ManDos a clear identification is possible at further processing and transfer.



Dokumentieren – Prozessleitsystem KASTOR
Dokumentieren – Prozessleitsystem KASTOR

Combination of the innovative development KASTOR process leading system with a visualization on basis of standard tools, results to a central process leading and visualization system having the ability to carry out a multitude of workflow controls and checks. This can be the registration of raw material data as well as a definition of the rate of yield. Furthermore this central system offers a complete documentation of production sequences – e.g. by batch reports, yield balances and a long-term archivation of collected data. In addtion it offers a individual configurable access protection, system reliability and is capable for validation according to Gamp 4 and FDA requirements.


Informing and analyzing

Informieren und analysieren

Plant Intelligence stand for a new attempt in MES-systems to effectuate an optimization of production processes, by making process data visible and production sequences transparent on base of operating figures. By use of standard systems like GE Fanuc iFix, Wonderware intouch and Siemens WinCC data, data of processes and production sequences in its different modes (real time data and historic data) can be made available contemporary, depict and localized. The main focus is the online data registration and analysis.


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