DWM system - metering, weighing, mixing

schüttguthandling rohstoffhandling pneumatische förderanlagen mischerbeschickung azo

Special advantages:

  • Modular concept can be extended up to 6 components at any time
  • All ingredients are weighed
  • Segregationfree feeding and colouring
  • Low-residue for ease of product changeover
  • Easy cleaning for fast product changeover
  • Batch documentation
  • Exact recalculation

Preferred applications:

Gravimetric multi-ingredient system for colouring, installed on top of or next to extruder, injection molding machine or blow moulding machine with small up to large throughput capacities. The system can be used for granular, masterbatch, additives and regrind.

Functional principle:

The DWM system provides flexibility for feeding extruders, injection moulding machines, blow moulding machine with different formulas, and for weighing all raw materials such as granular, masterbatch, additives and regrind. Feeding the surge hoppers of the dosing units can be done manually or with an automatic collective feeding system. According to the required formula, the individual ingredients are accurately fed into a scale, where they are precisely weighed. The master ingredient is dosed into the coarse-flow stream, and the other ingredients are added according to the required ratio or the percentages into the coarse-/fine-flow stream.

The accurately preweighed batch is transferred to the mixer and homogeneously mixed. The finished mix is fed by gravity through a chute from the mixer discharge to the downstream processing machine. Installation is made on floor via a support leg or on a gantry directly on top of the processing machine.

The accurately preweighed batch is pneumatically transferred to the mixer directly on the machine inlet, and homogeneously mixed. The FLEXIDOS® FXD . . F system can be installed next to the processing machine.

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