AZO lump breaker type KBW 500 Q

schüttguthandling rohstoffhandling pneumatische förderanlagen mischerbeschickung azo

Special advantages:

The robust design of the lump breaker allows lumps such as those formed during storage in big bags or in sacks to be broken up. The counter-rotating roll crusher tools ensure reliable dispersion of the agglomerates. There are no additional internal fixtures like screens and mesh, which makes cleaning easier.

Preferred applications:

The unit is used for crushing and milling bulk materials with a tendency to form agglomerates, clods and lumps.

Functional principle:

Bulk solids with agglomerates, lumps and caking are fed to the AZO lump breaker over the inlet. The product is seized by two counter-rotating roll crusher tools, broken up and transferred to the next process. Both rolls are designed so that the maximum particle size can be obtained without using an additional screen. The lump breaker can be cleaned in a dry or wet state in accordance with hygiene level 1 (EN ISO 14159).


The AZO lump breaker comprises a robust housing with inlet and outlet flange, two roll crusher tools (sawtooth or pyramid form) and two lateral gear motors. When it comes to the material, there is a choice between material no. 1.4301 and 1.4404 in various surface finishings including electrolytic polish.

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Lump breaker KBW500Q