Silo and discharge systems

AZO supplies silos and hoppers for storing and discharge of bulk goods. We work with painted mild steel and different kinds of aluminium and chrome-nickel steel. Accessories such as filters, level measuring systems and discharge systems round off the product range. Vibration bottoms have largely been accepted amongst discharge systems. If required, aeration bottoms (TURBO-KONUS) and aeration jets can be used as discharge aids.

Outdoor / indoor silos

AZO data sheets: Wartungsfreie Außensilos

Wartungsfreie Außensilos (Innensilos auf Anfrage)

Discharge aid

AZO data sheets: Animations: 3D graphics: Sichere Produktaustragung

Sichere Produktaustragung

Silo accessories

AZO data sheets: Siloentlüftungsfilter


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Data sheets

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Standard silo with 60° discharge cone, long skirt
Standard silo with 90° discharge cone, long skirt
Standard silo with 60° discharge cone, short skirt
Vibration bottom hoppers
Vibration bottom silos
Aeration pad
Level indicator
Air purged filter AF 800 and 1100
Secondary filter
AZO sinter filter
hopper connector