Standard silo with 60° discharge cone, short skirt

Norm-Silo mit 60° Auslaufkegel, kurze Standzarge

Special advantages:

  • Rust-proof and maintenance-free silo and accessories
  • Neat appearance even after many years of service life, no re-coating
  • Smooth surface, roughness less than 20 µm therefore problem-free product flow
  • Comparatively low net weight, less transportation cost and easy erection
  • Choice of 4 diameters and various silo heights for optimum adaptation of the capacity to the requirements of the operation
  • Minimum increase of product temperature due to good reflection of the silo surface
  • No problems with static electricity build-up

Preferred applications:

For storing bulk materials in the plastics, foodstuffs, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Outdoor erection of the non-corrosive and weather-resistant aluminum standard silos on concrete base plates. Filling of the silos from silo vehicles via filling line with tanker couplings.

  Functional principle:

The silo shell and the skirt are made of non-corroding and weather-resistant AlMg3 aluminum alloy which fulfils the sanitary requirements for food. The remaining parts, except the structural steel foundation ring, are either made of AlMg3, AlMgSi 0.5 or other non-corroding materials. The standard silos are designed for a calculated pressure of +45/-5 bar and a bulk density of 0.6 kg/l, 1.0 kg/l alternatively. The standard accessories include 1 set of jack rings and a discharge flange up to NW 500. Other accessories such filling lines, doors, hatches, connecting pipes, exhaust air filters, discharge devices etc. are supplied according to the specific situation of the plant. If especially required, the standard silos are available with insulation or completely of stainless steel for an additional charge.

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Standard silo with 60° discharge cone, short skirt