AZO sinter filter

AZO Sinterfilter

Special advantages:

  • SINBRAN® Filter from W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH
  • Easy to clean flange connection on the base of DIN 11864-2
  • Conductive version 1.5 times more capacity than textile filters
  • Cleanability (wet, dry)
  • Can be retrofitted to AZO filter inserts
  • Simplified filter plate
  • Excellent separating performance (filter class H12)

Preferred applications:

For use with the pneumatic conveying of fine powders and bulks materials in the plastics and chemical industry. GORE® SINBRAN® filter elements are made of PTFE and PE. They are also suitable for use in systems, which have to be cleaned frequently. They can be cleaned wet or dry. A easy to clean flange connection prevents moisture penetrating the cavities between the filter plate and the filter. This new flange connection has resulted in a simplified design of filter plate. Surface filtration prevents the product penetrating into the depth of the filter, ensuring that it remains easy to clean.

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AZO sinter filter