Reliability and cooperation based on partnership form the basis for our entire range of services. You can always rely on us to provide:

  • Extensive, individual consultancy support on site
  • Solution-oriented planning and concept development
  • Comprehensive know-how and synergy benefits
  • Innovative AZO Technology Center
  • State-of-the-art production technologies
  • Hourly-paid production that sets new standards

Extensive, individual consultancy support on site

Within Germany, skilled and salaried field service engineers ensure that our customers always receive comprehensive, extensive and individual consultancy support on location.

Six subsidiaries and well over 30 agencies, each with its own service department, ensure that our international customers around the world can also benefit from the high standard of our consultancy services.

Solution-oriented planning and concept development

We listen carefully, study the specification and then develop customer-specific solutions. This frequently involves us breaking new ground, always with the aim of enhancing customer benefits and achieving rapid amortisation. The very latest planning tools such as 3D CAD with fully tested modules and systems assist us in our work.

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Comprehensive know-how and synergy benefits

AZO has a bulk goods database which currently holds catalogued records of over 7000 different types of bulk materials from all of our four divisions. Our engineers can refer to this broad knowledge base at any time.

Furthermore, the AZO product configurator is able to modify standard components to suit specific business sectors and to achieve perfect matches with customer requirements.

Make the most of the synergies which AZO is able to offer, based on its many years of experience in four business sectors involving a tremendously diverse range of requirements!

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Innovative AZO Customer Center

Every year, the AZO Costumer Center conducts about 250 tests and all results are analyzed closely. After careful preparation, this data are made available to our customers. The insights gained from this are directed straight into the application-oriented development of machinery and equipment systems for bulk material handling.

The bulk material laboratory attached to the Costumer Center is superbly equipped, enabling it to carry out measurements and evaluations.

  • Measurement of materials density
  • Screen analysis to determine the distribution of grain sizes
  • Measurement of fine-grade materials
  • Tamped density measurement
  • Humidity measurement for plastics granulate
  • Humidity measurement for bulk goods
  • Dynamic viscosity of fluids
  • Influence of various climates on bulk goods
  • Microscopic evaluation of bulk goods


All the values obtained in the AZO Technical Center and the bulk goods laboratory are recorded and documented accurately. Every user is therefore able to access the latest data at any time. The highly realistic feeding, dosing and screening tests and the results from the powder tester and the shearing tests are linked to customer projects in the database. This consistently enables AZO to create optimum designs for any customer requirement from product, test and project data.

Through its wide range of activities across the foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and plastics sectors, AZO now has the broadest knowledge base of any player in the bulk goods business.

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State-of-the-art production technologies

As quality leader in these manufacturing sectors, AZO uses leading edge, computer-controlled machines as well as NC machining centres to achieve optimum quality and deadline compliance in production operations.

Three basic materials are machined here: Pickled aluminum, thoroughly primed construction steels coated with epoxy resin, V2a (1.4301/1.4541) and V4a (1.4401/1.4571) V2a chrome-nickel steels with six different surface finishes. This enables AZO to offer appropriate machines and systems, even for the highly demanding sterile sector in the pharmaceuticals industry.

With the help of the AZO product configurator, materials and surface properties can be adapted to suit specific customer needs and produced to meet exacting requirements.

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Exhibitions Germany

04.04.2017 - 06.04.2017
European Coatings Show 2017 Nuremberg