Battery Show Europe 2022

Our Highlights at the Battery Show Europe 2022

in Stuttgart, Germany – Hall 10, booth C84

AZO, your specialist for raw material automation and logistics, will exhibit at the Battery Show Europe 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany from June 28 - 30.

At our booth in hall 10, booth C84 we will show you our solutions around raw material automation in battery production - with focus on highest product and operator safety.
The more complicated the raw material, the more we are in our element
In our laboratory for raw material analytics, we have been analyzing the most important physical properties of raw materials for decades and storing them in our extensive database. As of today, we can draw on the properties of over 10,000 different raw materials and incorporate this knowledge into the development of your customized plant.
Whether toxic, abrasive or highly flammable:
We know what matters when it comes to the automated handling of your raw materials.

At our trade fair stand you can find out more about the following key themes:

It often is necessary to discharge critical raw materials directly from bags into the closed system. In situations like this, the protection of the operator is the top priority. For this reason, we developed a special sack discharge station for maximum operator safety.

Your AZO advantages at a glance

  • Ergonomic discharge of substances harmful to health into closed systems
  • Compliance with specified maximum allowable concentrations
  • Suitable for use in zones with requirements for OEB 3
  • Protection for operating personnel and product
Special operator and product protection when emptying bags

Raw materials for battery production are often meanies and can be toxic or abrasive. So it is critical that these raw materials can be handled as safely and dust free as possible. For this reason we developed a big bag discharging station with connection system AGW. 

Your AZO advantages at a glance

  • Reliable discharge of bulk materials into closed production systems with little generation of dust
  • Operator protection thanks to special design of the docking device. Can be used in a zone meeting OEB 3 requirements
  • Convenient lifting of big bags from pallets to the big bag discharge station
  • Suitable for various sizes and types of big bags
  • Easy to use thanks to ergonomic design
  • Also suitable for big bags with inliners
Special operator protection during big bag emptying

For product feeding that meets highest requirements, we have invented the AZO feeding hopper. It is specially designed for feeding powdery or granular bulk materials into closed material feeding systems and is suitable for a wide range of container types, such as sacks, cartons or drums.

Your AZO advantages at a glance

  • Round and sturdy
  • Without dead corners
  • Availability either in epoxy-coated mild steel or in stainless steel with 6 different surface finishes
  • Individual filter or central dust extraction by vacuum
  • Option of integrated vibration pre-screen
  • Discharge of flow-resistant materials can be supported by rapper, vibrator, vibration bottom or by fluidizing
  • Outlet optimally adaptable to downstream systems
Feeding hopper type ET...VS GA

AZODOS® is the perfect  soultion for the volumetric dosing of powder products into weighing or production processes due to the uniform mass flow rate in both coarse and fine flows. 
Supplemented by a weighing device, the AZODOS® can be used to feed processing processes gravimetrically. Here, the device can be used as a negative scale to feed small quantities into the downstream system with gram accuracy.

Your AZO advantages at a glance

  • Stainless chrome nickel steel design with various surface finishes•High grade dosing screws
  • Easy-to-clean system for rapid changeover of components
  • Compact design•Easy to extend thanks to modular design
  • Maximum dosing accuracy thanks to coarse/fine flow
  • Double screw version for bulk materials with poor flow properties
  • Dosing screw and agitator with bayonet connection for easy removal without tools
  • Various screw geometries available
  • Detachable extraction unit
AZODOS® - continuous dosing of powdery products