Fakuma 2021

AZO at Fakuma 2021

from 12 - 16 October 2021 in Friedrichshafen, Germany

AZO the specialist for automated raw material handling of bulk materials, powders, granulates and liquids will be exhibiting at Fakuma from 12th until 16th of October 2021. Get your free ticket today.

At our booth in Hall B1, Stand 1306, you will have the opportunity to talk to us personally about solutions for compounding, PVC dryblend, PVC pastes, additives/masterbach, recycled products and modern biopolymers as well as 3D printing.
Especially in the areas of 3D printing and recycling, there has been a steady growth in investment in recent years. These projects require increasingly complex and technically sophisticated plants that ensure the best possible reprocessing in the recycling of residual materials. However, this is only possible if the raw materials to be used are known in detail. Thanks to extensive physical analysis facilities in the in-house bulk materials laboratory and the associated test centre for raw material automation, AZO is one of the leading plant manufacturers in this field. True to the motto: AZO - We Love Ingredients.

Make an appointment now with one of our experts on site. We look forward to finally meeting you in person again.

Experience live at our booth:

Preferred applications 
The MIXOMAT is particularly well suited to discontinuous, gravimetric loading as well as to mixing and dyeing of granulate exactly as specified in the recipe, with masterbatch, re-work, pigments and additives. It can be used for medium to high throughputs values when loading compounding systems, blowing machines and foil lines. Various designs are available, covering a performance range from 150 kg/h to 2.5 t/h. Combining the process stages of transporting, dosing, weighing and mixing in one device achieves an exemplary level of efficiency. The MIXOMAT can easily be cleaned and has proved to be effective in meeting exacting requirements in terms of quality and reproducibility. With this device, it is possible to register and report on the exact material consumption at any time, even with minor components. It can be used both with individual loading or in collective loading systems with shared blower and secondary filter. The MIXOMAT can be combined excellently with high-precision dosing and weighing units such as FLEXIDOS® and AZODOS®, as well as with continuous gravimetric systems. By working together closely with the manufacturers of extrusion machines, AZO has developed modules that are precisely attuned for the extruders.

Special advantages
  • Transporting, dosing, weighing and mixing in one compact, economical system
  • Simple supply of up to 30 com-ponents via switching valves
  • High repetition accuracy due to accurate weighing and recording of all components
  • Rapid colour change and easy cleaning 
  • Precise throughput registration for each processing machine
  • No need for differential dosing scales
  • Compact, pre-assembled modules for rapid startup
System description
The MIXOMAT consists of a conical housing with a filling and ventilation pipe as well as a large cleaning door with quick-release fasteners and sight glasses. The mixing tool is driven by a geared motor. The discharge valve is operated by compressed air. A support bracket is provided for setup and attachment. Designs in mild steel or stainless steel are possible. It is recommended that the ground and polished finish be used for special requirements, e.g. thorough cleaning when pigment has been used. 

There are three different system variants in all cases:
  • MIXOMAT mixer, 
  • MIXOMAT scale and 
  • MIXOMAT conveying scale.