Formnext 2021

Our highlights at Formnext 2021

AM live and in color

AZO, your specialist for automatic raw material handling of powders, granulates, bulk goods and liquids will be exhibiting at Formnext 2021 from 16th to 19th November 2021 in Frankfurt. At our booth in Hall 11, Stand A29, we will show you solutions for feeding, storage, sieving, recovery and conditioning for additive manufacturing based on metal and plastic. Get a free ticket today. We would be delighted if you would take the opportunity to talk to us.

Powder handling from the experts - from the individual solution to the printer factory

AZO is the expert when it comes to customised solutions in the field of raw material logistics and powder handling. In this context, AZO develops plants and systems for 3D printer feeding, both for plastics and metal printing.

Additive manufacturing with plastic powder and granulate

The automatic loading of 3D printers for the additive manufacturing of plastic parts requires a high level of experience with the handling of critical raw materials. The requirements are diverse:
  • Uninterrupted supply of one or more 3D printers with plastic powders or granulates
  • Storage, provision, conditioning, transport and processing of various powders or granulates
  • Screening of virgin material, overflow and unpacked material
  • Economic efficiency and careful use of resources due to reuse of overflow and unpacking powder
  • Explosion protection for explosive plastic powders
Thanks to decades of experience in the fields of compounding, PVC dryblend, additive production and granulate processing, AZO can now also offer complete systems for feeding 3D printers with plastic powders and granulates. The AZO solutions can be individually and optimally adapted to the requirements:
Dosing, weighing, mixing, screening and conveying – many functions, everything from a single source.

Additive manufacturing with metal powder

The printer supply systems essentially consist of two areas. In the powder supply module, the material is supplied and prepared, while the printer module supplies the printer with new or prepared powder and removes the unmelted powder. The system can be flexibly designed for the various raw material properties, injection options and delivery rates. This means that even reactive, toxic and poorly flowing substances can be handled in large or small quantities to suit the individual customer.
AZO offers the following solutions for the various challenges:
  • From single components up to complete systems
  • Consistent production without interruption of the material flow
  • Conditioning of new, overflow and old powder (mixing, drying, sieving)
  • Treatment and reuse of the excess raw material
  • Tailor made screening technology for every grain size
  • Explosion protection of the conveying system according to ATEX standards
  • Inert gas atmosphere ensures product safety
  • Intelligent control technology and visualization
Thus, the AZO systems range cover the entire internal raw material logistics - from delivery to processing, the entire conveying technology from one single source.