10 years for AZO CHINA - A good reason to celebrate

In 2007, AZO Germany took the decision to establish another sales and service company in China. After weighing up the pros and cons and all the opportunities and risks, things tended clearly in favour of a positive conclusion. With Jianyu Wang, AZO Ltd. China found an accomplished candidate for the post of manager, who satisfied all the essential prerequisites to help in founding the company. Wang had studied chemistry in China and engineering management in Germany, and underwent a two-year period of induction training in Osterburken. The Tianjin site and adjoining TEDA special enterprise zone promised the best access with regard to logistics and infrastructure. There was a supply of available office space, it was not too complicated to set up the firm and this meant that AZO China got off to a good start in 2007.

In 2011, with crucial support from AZO China, AZO succeeded in winning the biggest contract ever in the entire history of the AZO Group. Tingyi, the world's largest producer of noodles, that also has its headquarters in Tianjin, awarded AZO 17 individual contracts worth a total of 30 million euros. Further major contracts followed from well-known manufacturers from the food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and plastics industries, This was not primarily due just to the decision-makers being convinced of the quality AZO delivers; rather, it is extremely important on the Chinese market to be aware of and to observe cultural conventions. AZO China did an outstanding job here.
To celebrate the 10th anniversary, AZO China had organised a ceremony with displays of traditional Chinese culture such as the Beijing Opera, blue and white porcelain and diabolo. AZO then presented AZO China with a Chinese dragon made of stainless steel, which had been designed and made in Osterburken. In return, AZO was given a gift of a model made of rosewood representing an AZO system
The Middle Kingdom is one of Germany's most important trading partners and overtook the USA last year to become its number one partner for trade. Goods worth around 170 thousand million euros were traded between China and Germany – more than with any other country.
As far as AZO is concerned, this means: successful business relationships need to be built up gradually and cannot be achieved overnight. It is important to have an understanding of Chinese culture and its history that stretches back over 4,000 years.