AZO at K in Düsseldorf – the World's No. 1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber

Toothbrushes, drinking bottles, packaging, functional clothing... at first glance, these have absolutely nothing in common. However, when we take a second look, we realise that virtually everything we use in our daily lives is made entirely, or at least partially, of plastic.
K 2016 is the world's leading trade fair for innovative applications from the plastics and rubber industries. For many people, plastic is still associated with non-degradable rubbish in the sea or in landfill at the end of the product life. However, thanks to new materials, innovative recycling concepts and new areas of use for bioplastics, that is all in the past. Alongside Industry 4.0, the key themes at the trade fair were energy efficiency, material efficiency and resource efficiency.
On its stand, covering an area of 125 m², the AZO Group demonstrated solutions for automated handling of large and medium-sized components of bulk solids and the integration of small components and additives in the production process. In the plastics industry, this is primarily of relevance for feeding extruders and heating/cooling mixers. Hot topics for AZO included the new information platform AZO®Plus, granulate dust filtration and separation of angel hair. Many plastic granulates already contain dust and fibres upon delivery, known as angel hair, which can lead to numerous problems during processing. Dust filtration and separation of angel hair have been integrated into AZO's vacuum conveying system. This means there is no need for an additional production step, leading to a significant improvement in efficiency.
With its new information platform AZO®Plus, AZO provides all the important information about the machines and systems that are in use. The component needed is read and identified using an RFID chip or QR code located on the machine; the customer then immediately receives all the relevant data in a single app on their device: operating and maintenance instructions, electrical wiring diagrams, certifications, online shop for spare parts and much more.
K 2016 produced excellent results for AZO: more trade fair contacts, more internationality, improved quality of contacts. And visitors to the trade fair went home with an abundance of new information and innovations. It was particularly gratifying to see AZO's trade fair trend continuing – alongside an increase in trade fair contacts, they also took a number of orders.