AZO SOLIDS – Location Osterburken

Innovative AZO technology centre

Every year, around 250 tests are conducted with customers’ products and analysed in detail in the AZO technology centre. The resulting data are carefully processed and supplied to our clients. The results from the tests are incorporated directly into application-oriented development of machinery and plant systems for handling bulk materials.
The bulk materials lab, which is attached to the AZO technical centre, has the very best in equipment and conducts the following measurements:
  • Bulk density
  • Tapped density
  • Density
  • Angle of repose
  • Particle size analysis (via sieve analysis or dynamic image analysis)
  • Microscopic assessment
  • Test of different climatic influences
  • Shear tests
  • Dynamic flow energy
  • Wall friction tests with different surfaces
  • Aeration and Deaeration
  • Consolidation
  • Permeability
All the results obtained in the AZO technical centre and the bulk materials lab are recorded and documented accurately in AZO’s bulk materials database. This allows us permanent access to the most recent data. The conveying, dosing and screening tests are conducted under real-life conditions. The tests and the results from the lab are linked with the customer projects in the database. By using product, test and project data, this allows AZO to guarantee the optimum design to match the client’s specific brief.

AZO LIQUIDS – Location Neuenburg am Rhein

CPC - Your Customer Process Center

Technical process Support for your products
In our CPC you have the possibility to create test approaches based on your own recipes and to prove
our technology in detail at the same time.
Our skilled process engineers support you with feasibility studies, optimization of existing recipes and processes, new technologies or tests within a production scale. We offer product analyses, pre-tests as well as scale-up calculations. Even in the sector of continuous plants we develop corresponding recipes and support you in the conversion of existing batch products to the continuous production.
Training with operation and use with our products can be hold in our CPC or on site.
We offer rental machines (eg. vacum processing system unit type zoatec® BG10, InLine mixer type zoatec® IL) for tests during actual operation.