Big bag connection system type BBA...VS

with vibrating perforated sheet for dust-free docking and reliable discharging

Your AZO advantages

  • Dust-free docking
  • Reliable discharging
  • Integrated vibrating perforated sheet prevents foreign matter from getting into the production
  • Easy handling
  • Custom application
  • Very convenient to clean and maintain owing to quick disassembling of the individual components
  • Compact design

Preferred applications

This big bag connection system can be used anywhere where there are high demands in terms of maintenance and cleaning standards in addition to dust-free docking and reliable discharging.
Suitable for all free-flowing, dry bulk solids.

How it works

The big bags are transported by means of mobile lifting gear to the big bag connection system, where they are placed on a safety platform. The machine operator pulls the big bag outlet over the inlet connector and lowers the clamping disc. This clamps the outlet firmly in place and seals it so that the fastening cord on the big bag can be undone. To optimise the discharge flow, the big bag is raised by the lifting gear as needed.
To ensure high operational reliability of the subsequent system, any foreign matter or oversize particles are separated out of the product flow using a perforated sheet inserted in the vibration housing. A range of mesh sizes and geometries are available for this purpose.
The imbalance vibrator attached to the vibration housing imparts a horizontal circular oscillation to the perforated sheet. The intensity of the oscillation is infinitely variable.
To reduce downtimes after a product change or during necessary cleaning and inspection works, the unit has been designed such that it can be disassembled in just a few steps. The entire connection system can be pivoted manually out of the work area, enabling compact construction.

  • Big bag connection system

    type BBA...VS