AZO automates handling of large, medium and small components in granular, powder and liquid form

AZO is the specialist for automated handling of raw materials and of processes.

Director and shareholder Rainer Zimmermann
We provide everything as a single supplier – from the initial concept,
from innovative individual components for storage, discharge, screening, conveying, dosing and weighing of raw materials right through to a turnkey solution, namely an entire plant ready for
plant engineering and construction, process engineering and process IT dovetail seamlessly.
For you as our customer, this means: end-to-end solutions from a single supplier  
Our success is based first and foremost on the quality and reliability of our solutions and the accumulated experience of 65 years in building automatic material handling systems.
The AZO Group provides support for successful companies all over the world in implementing innovative projects by using the technologies of the future and through its extensive network of production and sales companies.
Make sure you have that competitive edge with AZO‘s innovative and efficient concepts for automation!
AZO SOLIDS is the expert for reliable storage, discharge, screening, conveying, dosing and weighing of raw materials within fully automated processes. From the major ingredient down to micro quantities, from the initial study concerning safety concepts and risk assessments through to the turnkey plant in its entirety:
we combine what belongs together.
The right product in the right quantity – at just the right time and in just the right place. 
We are the world leader in feeding for mixing processes. 
Automated handling of raw materials is our domain.
And has been for over 65 years!
AZO LIQUIDS GmbH has been founded in 2008 from engineers with decades of experience as ZOATEC GmbH for liquid and semisolid processes. There main target was the developement of a new generation of batch and continuous process plants with an innovative homogeniser for fully automatic feeding of raw materials.
Now we are continuously enhancing our products, and adapting them to the future requirements of the market and customer’s needs. At the same time we are open to new ideas – and we are not afraid to translate them into new innovative systems for dispersing, mixing and homogenizing of liquid and semisolid products.
We measure the quality of our services by considering the customers benefit. The reliability of our system in combination with specifically configured and fine-tuned process control allows the highest possible availability and therefore an excellent efficiency.
AZO CONTROLS is the expert for innovative process IT in developing automation solutions in the production environment. From consulting to implementation, from sensor technology to the commercial production planning level: this is where we will provide you with reliable, joined-up solutions at each stage.
Intelligent process control, instrumentation and visualisation technology for automated production processes
For over 35 years, AZO CONTROLS, as a full-service provider for automation, has delivered innovative solutions in the production environment for the entire value chain.
Well-trained staff from a wide variety of specialist fields, who offer extensive experience, in-depth knowledge of products and process-oriented approaches resulting in the ideal combination of innovation and reliability.
AZO CONTROLS acts as a partner for many renowned companies and, in addition to its own developments, it offers solutions that are based on tools that are available commercially.
With sites all over the world, AZO CONTROLS is never far away from you.