AZO at SOLIDS 2018 from 07. - 08.11.2018

in Dortmund - hall 5, stand M09

SOLIDS Dortmund has become the most important business and innovation platform for bulk goods technologies. The show covers the entire process engineering value chain and showcases technologies for the processing of bulk granules, powders and solid goods.

AZO, the expert for automated handling of raw materials, provides solutions for storing, conveying, screening, metering, weighing and feeding of bulk materials, powders, granulates and liquids. Intelligent process IT makes system controllers possible, right through to complete automation, tracking & tracing and end-to-end documentation for raw materials and processes.
Regardless of whether your requirements are for major, medium or minor components, bulk solids or liquids, AZO delivers bespoke solutions for automating your processes.

At our trade fair stand you can find out more about the following key themes:

Until now, minor and micro components had to be weighed manually, thus entailing risks and potential errors. These grow with the number of components and batches, and with the required weighing and metering accuracy. This has an adverse effect on product safety and quality overall.
Manual operations may under certain circumstances require a large number of staff and demands a high degree of concentration from them during weighing processes. They are to some extent exposed to relatively high amounts of dust. Occasionally automatic dosing units are also employed, which meter the ingredients onto a weigh belt feeder. However these require substantial outlay for cleaning; neither can they prevent cross-contamination.
In order to resolve the problems described above, AZO is expanding its already extensive portfolio for automation of minor and micro quantities with the AZO COMPONENTER® Step. This system makes it possible to weigh minor and micro components automatically with gram accuracy, such as flavourings, baking agents, emulsifiers, colourings and other ingredients. It improves product safety while simultaneously boosting production efficiency by reducing individual manual production steps to a minimum.
Especially when it comes to sectors with stringent requirements for hygiene, batch purity and product separation, the AZO COMPONENTER® Step enables adherence to the strict regulations and requirements of specific branches.
AZO COMPONENTER® Step - Automatic weighing of minor and micro components
Fully automated filling and transport within the plant result in high throughput rates while achieving considerable levels of accuracy. Tracking and tracing of all raw materials used guarantee maximum product safety. All process steps and weighing results are reproducible, which ensures consistent, strict adherence to recipes. Strict separation of batches prevents cross-contamination, e.g. between allergens and non-allergens. What is more, the AZO COMPONENTER® Step is extremely flexible when it comes to changing products over thanks to its modular design.
The system was especially designed to satisfy the high requirements for hygiene in the food industry. This is primarily achieved by having the products filled into receptacles and keeping exposure to dust to a minimum by using aspiration. The outlay for cleaning can be kept low by using storage and target containers for the specific product groups. If necessary, target containers can be provided with liners.
Metering and weighing of components into target containers
The system comprises two levels. The components are held ready in surge bins on the upper level. Prior to filling, the raw materials can be identified using the barcode and allocated to the correct hoppers. This keeps mix-ups of products to a minimum and ensures that raw materials can be traced back. The surge bins can be filled from sacks or big bags; pneumatic filling is also feasible.
The target containers are processed sequentially on the lower level below the metering points using a hydraulic carriage. There are separate scales provided for each component. Simultaneous weighing of components results in maximum time gain. Dosing screws combined with vibration bottoms underneath the surge bins ensure accurate metering of components being handled. A vibrating discharge chute can also be used for metering. Once all components are in the target container in accordance with the recipe, it is ejected at the end of the metering line and is ready for the next process.
The target containers are tracked using RFID technology and are thus monitored throughout the entire weighing and metering process. This means that the position, the weighed components and also the allocation of the target containers to a particular recipe are documented and are reproducible.
With the AZO COMPONENTER® Step, AZO is offering food producers a system that completely satisfies ever-stricter requirements regarding hygiene, batch tracing and product safety.
Automatic, highly accurate dosing, weighing, collecting and preparing of batches for mixer feeding
During the manufacture of food, pharmaceuticals, chemical and plastic products, precise adherence to the recipes is decisive for the product quality. As the producer, you must have absolute confidence in the exact supply of your raw materials. Each ingredient must be meticulously documented.
Reasons for the automation are:
  • High precision for small and large weight units
  • Product and operator protection through contamination-free solutions
  • Reliable batch traceability and permanent documentation
  • User-friendly control and visualisation
  • Great flexibility, meaning weighing various weights from 10 grams up to several hundred kilograms, variable design possible, simple to expand, easy to change recipes
  • Minimised non-productive times, e.g. through process-optimised collection of components results in high speed
  • Sustainable, economic solutions with high energy efficiency
  • Safety thanks to experience and fully developed technology
  • Global service
AZO - No. 1 in mixer feeding
We have the right solution for every requirement. The circular AZO COMPONENTER® is an affordable solution when there is a limited number of ingredients. This system is recommended whenever a small number of ingredients is to be weighed automatically. With this principle, the surge bins, such as feeding hoppers for sacks, receivers that are fed pneumatically or small silos, are arranged in a circle above the collecting vessel. There is separate discharging, dosing and weighing for each ingredient. This makes parallel weighing operations possible. The AZO vibration bottom ensures reliable discharge even where flow-resistant minor components are involved. The dosing screw with a locking device ensures high metering accuracy. The products are weighed exactly onto scales/torsion balances and discharged into a collecting vessel.Once all the ingredients have been weighed and the batch is complete, it is sucked pneumatically onto a conveying scales or, depending on the area of use, immediately transferred into a mixer. This type of AZO COMPONENTER® can be used when admixtures of related products are permitted.
The version of the AZO COMPONENTER® with a linear arrangement is ideal when there are many ingredients. The surge bins with product feeding and the separate discharge and dosing units are arranged opposite each other in rows in this case. Special docking options make it quick to switch over from big bags and containers at any time. Depending on the formulation, the accumulation method is generally used to weigh raw materials into scales that are transported below the metering points. Once all the constituents are in the conveying scales, the batch can be discharged at one or more discharge points (e.g. mixer or pneumatic conveyor).
If there is a requirement for contaminant-free solutions, the ingredients can also be metered straight into a container on a mobile scales. The floor scales move fully automatically to the specified dosing points. There is an additional option of adding micro quantities with maximum accuracy by using AZODOS® negative weighing systems. Transfer of raw materials takes place without contact and there is little generation of dust thanks to a special gasket with aspiration in accordance with the raw material. As soon as the entire batch is complete, a batch report is generated and the container is transferred to the discharge point for further processing. The system works according to the accumulation method. It is more economical to carry out consecutive weighing processes than to weigh in parallel.
Precise weighing and collection of minor ingredients with AZO COMPONENTER® with mobile scale
By using a robot, it is possible to dose an extremely variable number of micro quantities up to 10 kg in a fully automatic process. This is how AZO®RoLog replaces complicated and expensive manual weighing of micro quantities. The safety cage surrounding the robot provides complete protection for the product and the machine operator.
This means extremely critical and harmful raw materials can also be dosed without difficulty. This system can be implemented in the pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals and plastics industries to dose pigments, dyes, aromas, additives, active substances and numerous other micro quantities. The modular structure also makes it possible to achieve maximum versatility, regardless of whether it is an individual solution or a solution integrated into the overall logistics system.

Key advantages
  • High throughput and 24/7 production
  • Reduces costs and saves on resources
  • Extremely reliable
  • Flexible formulations
  • Reproducible dosing results
  • Consistent formulation accuracy
  • Shielded work envelope
  • Dosing of extremely critical raw materials without operator contact
  • Simple to transport thanks to modular structure and easy to upgrade
  • Variable number of raw materials
  • Continuous traceability of batches
  • Tracking & tracing

Functional principle
The machine operator first ensures that the raw materials are prepared ready for automated further processing in dispensing and storage units. A safety cage separates the automation range (the robot’s work envelope) from the production environment. The raw materials logistics system, in a shielded cage, offers maximum protection for the machine operator and the product. In addition, the modular design of the storage module for raw materials ensures a high degree of flexibility when expanding raw materials components.
The robot assembles the batch in accordance with the required formulation in a fully automated process by preparing the correct dispensing and storage units. At the dosing point, the required micro quantities are dosed reliably and accurately from here into the target containers. Reproducible dosing results are achieved in the range from 50 g to 10 kg. After weighing all components into the target container, the latter is placed ready at a specific intersection for further processing.
AZO®RoLog is now immediately ready for processing further production jobs. This means the system operates efficiently and without losing time. 24/7 production is possible with constant provision of raw materials and receptacles. AZO®RoLog can be operated as a standalone system or it can be fully integrated into an overall logistics system.  
The operator-guided manual weighing centre ManDos is ideal for micro quantities such as flavourings, baking agents, emulsifiers, dyes and other ingredients that cannot be fully automated in a profitable manner owing to their consistency (physical properties) or production need (quantity and frequency). However, it is these micro quantities in particular that have a crucial impact on the recipe, meaning that proper control and documentation are essential during their addition to the manufacturing process.
ManDos is ideal for the following situations:
  • Low batch frequency
  • Raw materials that are not suitable for automation
  • Frequent changes of ingredients
  • A large number of components
  • Limited investment resources
  • Requirement for end-to-end documentation
ManDos system with surge bins and two mobile sales in an industrial bakery
Our expertise – benefiting you!
ManDos can be used as a stand-alone system, but can also be expanded to a comprehensive, networked batch production system with host interface. The logical user guidance provides the best support for the operator and minimises wasted batches. The raw material identification using barcode and the documentation of all work steps and weighing results ensures traceability of every batch at any time. The system has its own master data management (order and recipe management as well as item and stores management). ManDos meets all the requirements of Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002, can be validated, and can also be used in explosive atmospheres.
How does ManDos work?
ManDos is a modular system combining the necessary sub-assemblies, such as scales, surge bins, desks, suction systems, barcode readers and label printers, and the software solution needed for this. The ManDos system provides a standard operating concept for a very wide range of terminals. Icons and graphic elements help guide the user.
When an order has been started, the operator is informed as to the component that needs to be weighed. After identifying the raw material using a barcode reader, the operator weighs the required amount in a container. A large weight display and a graphic bar diagram with change of colour make it easier to carry out manual dosing within the required tolerance.
All the components are weighed into the container in the same way, one after another. If necessary, a label can be printed to identify the target container. The raw materials used and the entire weighing process are recorded and documented from end to end.
ManDos – operator-guided manual weighing centre for the provision of micro quantities
AZO cyclone screeners combine operationally safe technology with high performance and easy maintenance and cleaning. The screeners can easily be integrated into existing systems thanks to their compact design.
Safe products thanks to AZO cyclone screening technology
  • complies with IFS and HACCP
  • automatic elimination of foreign matter
  • clean and safe finished product
End-to-end HACCP concepts in the food and dairy industries specify control screening and separation of metals as mandatory. This means any raw materials and semi-finished products are conveyed to the highly efficient, ultra-sensitive safety devices, such as metal receivers and control screeners, right upon delivery and in the production line immediately prior to filling into sacks, big bags or bulk tankers or silaging as semi-finished products. The networked control system notifies and logs incidents constantly at the critical checkpoints in the HACCP concept.
The patented cyclone screener type DA with applications including control and protective screening, fractionation, separation of foreign matter, breaking up lumps and aerating products, does not required an additional dosing unit. This is why it has a low overall height and can thus be integrated into existing systems without any difficulties. Further advantages are easy opening of the machine without tools and the extraction and swiveling devices for the screen and the dosing screw, enabling easy inspection and cleaning of the screen basket and the screw. Dead space in the machine is kept to a minimum, which further improves simplicity of cleaning. The screen basket can be replaced quite simply with a "quick change" screening system.
For the separation of ferrous and paramagnetic iron impurities from 25 µm a metal grid can be installed subsequently to the screener. Even fine iron abrasions from stainless steel pipes, generated during the production process, can be separated. Conversion of austenitic steel to alpha martensite (magnetic!!)
Reinigungsfreundliche Wirbelstrom-Siebmaschine  | Easy to clean cyclone screener
Easy to clean cyclone screener type DA 650 N with extraction device