AZO COMPONENTER®, fully automatic

Container system with automated guided vehicles (AGV)

Your AZO advantages

  • Flexible system, optimally adapted to the application
  • Precise weighing
  • Optimal for free, non-linear arrangement of supply points
  • Very easy to clean


When the supply point, such as a mixer, is not arranged linearly, the AZO COMPONENTER® with AGV is a suitable solution. Here, the dosage points are served by a laser navigation controlled AGV which gathers the weighed raw materials precisely corresponding to the recipe. Very high accuracy is achieved even for the largest batches. Smaller quantities are weighed to the gram. Exact positioning and secure data transfer to the control system are accomplished through the transponder and infrared interfaces. The use of two parking positions allows the AGV to avoid waiting times for transferring a full raw material container or taking on an empty one. The number of AGVs needed is determined by a simulation during the planning stage and optimally designed, as is the navigation system deployed.