AZO COMPONENTER® in linear design with mobile container

Batches automatically weighed in container

Your AZO advantages

  • Batch frequency: 10 batches per hour
  • Efficient solution for difficult products
  • Several supply points can be easily realised
  • No contamination or blending
  • Spatial separation of product discharge and batch provision


This version of the AZO COMPONENTER® is particularly useful where contamination-free solutions are needed, such as in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries or for raw materials with difficult discharge characteristics. Components included in the recipe are buffered in raw material containers which are docked at a row of container discharge bases and kept free of dust by a patented docking collar; here, they are automatically identified and registered. For reliable discharge and exact dosing, the container discharge stations are equipped with dosing screws. Beneath the discharge bases, a mobile, recipe-controlled floor scale is used to prepare the batch. Atop this scale is an AZO BATCHTAINER® in which frequencycontrolled coarse / fine flow dosing takes place. The floor scale moves completely automatically to the predetermined dosage points. It is also possible to bring in minor quantities with the highest accuracy through the AZODOS® negative weighing system. Raw material transfer is non-contact and because of special sealing with extraction appropriate to the specific raw material, extremely low in dust. As soon as the entire batch has been prepared, a batch report is generated and the container transferred to the supply point for further processing. The system uses an additive weighing process; the consecutive weighing steps can be more cost-effectively realised than parallel weighing with several scales.