AZO COMPONENTER® in linear design with mobile scale

Ideal for many components

Your AZO advantages

  • Batch frequency: 10 batches per hour
  • Several supply points, e.g. mixer or pneumatic conveying, are easily realised
  • Micro components are pre-weighed with the highest accuracy in a special scale


Where many components are automatically processed, the linear design of AZO COMPONENTER® is recommended. Here, each of the surge bins, e.g. discharge bases for sacks and Big-Bags, pneumatically fed receivers or containers, is equipped with its own discharge and dosing unit arranged in opposing rows. Special docking possibilities enable Big-Bags and containers to be changed quickly as called for by the recipe at any time. Depending on the arrangement, the feeding hoppers can be filled through a central aisle or from the outside with very low dust emission. The individual discharge and dosing units ensure reliable discharge and high dosing accuracy for all components. The raw materials are typically weighed according to recipe in an additive process.
As an alternative, one scale can be used for each component. This enables a fast and efficient working method. After weighing, the recipe constituents are collected by a linearly movable collection scale and delivered to one or several drop points (e.g. mixer or pneumatic conveying system). Small components are weighed directly in the mobile scale; for the highest accuracy, minor quantities are pre-weighed in a special rotating / tipping scale. AZODOS® negative weighing systems are often applied as well for highly accurate dosing.