AZO DosiBox®

low-price dosing container for automating minor ingredients

Your AZO advantages

  • Product and operator protection
  • Clean storing
  • Closed access
  • Documentation of formula
  • Permanent tracking of ingredients and batches

Preferred applications

For automating all minor ingredients supplied in drums, big bags and bags. Transfer to DosiBox® is necessary because automatic access is not possible with ingredients contained in bags , drums, big bags or boxes.

How it works

The transfer of ingredients is carried out with operator guidance and barcode monitoring. The bags are transferred into the DosiBox® via a feed hopper with a suction system for dust collection. In the process, the raw material is simultaneously control-screened, dosed into the DosiBox®, and weighed. Via barcode and control, the contents of the DosiBox® can at any time be exactly identified as to both product grade and weighed-in weight.
For larger quantities supplied in big bags, there is a big bag discharge station that allows dust-tight docking and feeding. A simple high-bay racking system is sufficient for storing DosiBox®es, one that can be assembled from standard profiles and insertable shelves. A lift truck or automatic storage and retrieval vehicle will serve for placing and removing the DosiBox®es. The DosiBox® proper consists of a transparent PE container in a sanitary quality to food processing requirements, with an integrated dosing screw. The container sits in a sturdy, four-legged supporting frame.

  • AZO DosiBox®

    low-price dosing container for automating minor ingredients