AZO Dough Lines

Secure process control for batters, starter dough and sourdough

Your AZO advantages

  • Dough is processed gently, adding finely dispersed water and flour and combined with the use of the special agitators.
  • Very homogeneous batters thanks to dissolver agitators
  • Cooling and insulation jackets allow reliable process control using specific temperature regulation
  • Complies with the highest standard of hygiene and is easy to clean 
  • High-performance CIP lines with pigging systems available
  • The entire cleaning process can be depicted via the recipe system to obtain reproducible results
  • Can be run as a standalone machine or embedded into process instrumentation and control systems
  • End-to-end documentation and reproducible process control

Preferred applications

AZO’s DL dough line provides comprehensive solutions for handling solids and liquids in bakeries. Handling of raw materials, in powder form, bulk solids and liquids, is designed so that operations are geared perfectly to each other. 
The dough mixers aimed at medium and large-scale bakeries are extremely flexible in use thanks to their modular design. They can be built fulfilling all customers’ needs for the specific type of dough. The robust design allows problem-free processing of doughs with a dough yield capacity of over 180 (up to 55% solids content) from 400 l to 9000 l. 

How it works

Wheat starter doughs and rye sourdoughs can be fermented more reliably by using anchor agitators. If dissolver agitators are used in addition, all types of batters can be produced extremely efficiently.

Apart from metering of flour and water, specific temperature regulation is a decisive factor in reliable process control when making wheat starter dough and rye sourdough, also over longer periods. This makes it possible to reproduce different degrees of proving with maximum quality. In order to regulate temperatures at the perfect level, vessels are fitted with a double jacket and an additional insulating sleeve. If required, double jackets can be used for cooling and/or heating. With each rotation, the anchor agitator with scrapers turns the dough over twice close to the edge of the vessel. This promotes good heat transfer and thus ideal sourdough proving, in particular in multi-stage proving. 
The ability to change the direction of rotation and minimal clearance between the scraper and the edges also prevent flour from caking. Furthermore, the mixer can be combined with upstream mixing and homogenising devices. 
Thus water is absorbed faster and agglomerates are prevented from forming in the mixer.
  • AZO Dough Lines

    Secure process control for batters, starter dough and sourdough