AZO ShuttleDos®

Super fast batch automation

Your AZO advantages

  • Unrivalled speed
  • The utmost flexibility
  • Easy to clean thanks to floor clearance
  • Contamination free
  • Highest precision
  • Optimum line configuration
  • Low carbon footprint production


When fully automatic recipe composition with numerous components in a closed system with strict line separation and avoidance of contamination is asked for, the AZO ShuttleDos® is in its element. 20 batches per hour with up to ten precisely weighed components in a weighing range from 100 grams to several hundred kilograms – this innovation from AZO is predestined for such challenges. With the ShuttleDos®, fully automatic component dosing takes place in the mobile AZO® ShuttleTainer or AZO MIXTAINER®. These raw materials can be stored in silos, supplied in Big-Bags or in containers and/or added as goods from sacks via a feeding hopper. The storage bins are equipped with powerful discharge and dosing units. For high throughput rates, each dosing station is equipped with its own scale. This system enables an optimal linear arrangement with separate areas for large, medium and small components. The decisive elements of this system are its mobile shuttles. While individual dosing processes are taking place, the shuttles transport other AZO®ShuttleTainers which have already been filled or need to be brought to another dosing station onwards. This principle enormously raises cycle rates. The entire struc ture of the ShuttleDos® is without ground contact. Thus the fully automatic production area can be designed so unmanned operation is possible.
  • AZO ShuttleDos®

    Super fast batch automation