Highly filled polymers / masterbatch

The task

  • Low height
  • Maximum dosing accuracy
  • Difficult raw materials with unstable properties
  • Processing of rework
  • Pneumatic conveying of raw materials
  • Continuous feeding of the extruder
  • Filling of finished goods

The Solution

Bulk goods handling during the compounding of highly filled polymers / masterbatch
  • Powdered raw materials, such as chalk and additives, which are available in sacks as well as in big bags, can be fed into the closed system via a combined discharge base for big bags and sack goods. A connected suction is activated automatically when emptying and ensures a low-dust product feed.
  • Micro components, such as paints, are added directly to the extruder via a feeding hopper.
  • Granular raw materials are fed into the system either via a simple feeding funnel or via a combined discharge base.
  • In order to make some of the products available to the extruder as a premix, the raw materials concerned are conveyed into an AZO®MIXOMAT with suction weighing. The AZO®MIXOMAT serves as a mixer as well as a conveying scale. The components can be emptied exactly into a feeding vessel.
  • While the premix and the other components are dosed into the extruder, the next premixing can be started immediately.
  • The continuous dosing of the components into the extruder takes place via AZODOS® differential dosing scales. The throughput capacity of the differential dosing scales is set by the extruder.
  • The finished granules are subsequently conveyed for big bag filling.
  • The complete system, including the extrusion process and the granulation process, is controlled, monitored and completely documented by the AZO process control and visualisation system as well as the PLC. The control module AZO®Cont and the associated differential dosing scales are connected via an interface to the extruder control. This ensures the highly precise continuous dosing of the various substances depending on the ongoing extrusion process.
  • The entire system can be viewed using remote maintenance.
  • Compounding

    Individual feeding systems

  • Cable compounds

    Zero-error strategy

  • Plastic compounds

    Highly versatile, state-of-the-art process control technology

  • Thermoplastics/elastomers

    Efficient material handling

  • Highly filled plastic compounds


AZO Inc. | David Pippert | Sales Manager AZO®Poly
David Pippert
Sales Manager AZO®Poly
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