Keeping allergens and non-allergens separated

The task

  • automation of powdered and liquid raw materials for feeding mixers, reactors and conches
  • high cycle rates
  • keeping allergens and non-allergens separate in production (e.g. nuts)
  • preventing generation of dust during production
  • strict requirements for hygiene
  • maximum formulation consistency and adherence to recipes
  • traceability of batches

The Solution

Automated handling of raw materials in the manufacture of confectionery
  • The powdered raw materials used in automatic feeding of mixers, reactors or conches are supplied both as bulk components in storage silos or as medium and minor components in big bags and sacks. The liquid raw materials, such as glucose or oils, are stored in tanks and barrels.
  • A pneumatic pressure conveying is used to fill the silos with a type-TW 650 vibration screener, which is integrated in the conveying line.
  • There are two weighing containers above the processing machine. The vacuum conveying scales are used to take up the powdered raw materials; another scales is used to weigh liquids.
  • Bulk components are discharged into the vacuum conveying line for the weighing container, depending on the product, either with dosing screws or with rotary valves in the case of potentially explosive raw materials.
  • Self-dosing AZO type-DA cyclone screeners are located at the big bag discharge bases and at the sack discharge stations, i.e. the machine takes on the screening of raw materials and dosing them into the vacuum conveying line to the scale hoppers.
  • The pneumatic vacuum conveying line is designed as a multi-pipe system, which ensures that allergens are kept separate depending on how the conveying line is allocated.
  • Micro quantities are supplied by an operator-controlled manual weighing station, type ManDos. The quantities are pre-weighed here and, upon demand, are fed directly to the mixer, reactor or conche.
  • The entire plant is designed with the special ViwateQ finish in order to satisfy the strict requirements for hygiene. The ViwateQ finish provides a surface that is ideal for cleaning, in particular when using the wet cleaning method.
  • The entire plant can be controlled and monitored using the AZO process control and instrumentation system. The controls ensure end-to-end documentation and tracking and tracing of manufacturing process.
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    Automatic materials handling system

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