Batch-oriented process control system for materials-handling technology

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Kastor batch-oriented process control system

Preferred applications

  • Industries: food, chemical, plastics, pharmaceutical
  • Production environment
    Pro­­vision of raw materials, handling of large, small and liquid components, charging tech­nology, explosion dan­gerous areas, too
The process control system Kastor has its own master data management, which is ajar against the defaults of the S88-guidelines. Likewise Kastor can be tied up to the transfer of recipe and order data to a supervisory customer system.


  • flexibly applicable
  • flexibly to specific customer requirements
  • applicable as a standalone system
  • developable to a comprehensive, interlaced batch production system
  • raw material identification in connection with bar code scanners
  • strict user guidance for the avoidance of weighing errors
  • has independent master data management
    - order management
    - recipe management
    - storage place management
    - article management etc.
  • documents all operating steps and weighing results
  • provides calibration data
  • fulfills all demands of the European Union regulation 178/2002
  • labels the goal bundles for clear identification during a following subsequent treatment
  • batch-oriented process control system for materials -handling technology

  • Controls

    for bakery equipment