Computer-assisted manual dosing station

  • manual weighing
  • operator-guided
  • computer based
  • extremely flexible
  • documented


  • recording of raw materials, supply, storage, stock removal, identification (by reading, writing, by barcode (39, 128, EAN), RFID)
  • filling (exchangeable bags, identification/labelling with barcode (39, 128, EAN))
  • unlimited number of ingredients
  • ease of operation by optional program continuation by foot switch
  • also subsets can be weighed, possibility to postpone ingredients
  • calculation of active agents, water content, weighing factors
  • handling of the scale toler-ances after choice according to order recipe default, ingredient default or scale parameter / weighing ranges
  • yield regulation

Preferred applications

An operator-controlled manual weighing centre is useful for mini amounts of ingredients such as dyes, additives, flavours etc. whose automated handling does not pay off due to difficult physical characteristics or low volume and infrequent use. However, especially these mini amounts of ingredients decisively influence the formulation and therefore must not be transferred to the production process without monitoring and documentation.

ManDos is applicable in many ranges of the industry, among other things in the food, chemistry and pharmaceuticals. Also in ex environments the functionalities of ManDos can be used problem free.
  • manual dosing station