AZO’s sister company AZO EURL in new premises

Investing in the future – AZO continues to expand its presence on the French market
With an investment of around 2 million euros, AZO is laying the foundations for further expansion of its market position in neighbouring France and on the European market as a whole. With the French sister company’s premises bursting at the seams, it was decided to invest in a new building in Vallet, in the heart of the Muscadet wine-growing area. Apart from offices and storerooms, the prestigious building provides two meeting rooms, showrooms, test labs and 1000 sqm warehouse space. The pleasant atmosphere is ideally suited for collaborating with customers to find solutions to meet their specific requirements and the building overall emphasises and showcases AZO’s expertise in raw materials handling.
The official opening ceremony was held on 17 June after record construction time. The invited guests included the architect who designed the building, the mayor, the management at AZO France and other representatives from the AZO Group. The French sales subsidiary and the construction project itself were presented by manager Frederic Loiseau. As representatives of the AZO Group, managing director Robert Zimmermann and his wife Edith offered their congratulations on the impressive building. Following the official ceremony, AZO’s staff enjoyed a trip to a historic theme park.
The French subsidiary AZO EURL was founded in Paris on 01/04/1998. The current manager Frederic Loiseau then took it over in Nantes in 2004. There are currently 20 permanent employees at AZO EURL; in 2015 sales of around 6.8 million euros were achieved there.