Our Plant Components

Large components in dry or liquid form are mostly delivered in bulk tankers or tank trucks and stored in indoor or outdoor silos.
Generally, medium components are delivered in sacks or big bags, liquids are usually delivered in containers or barrels. 
Dust-like, powdery or granular products are transferred into the closed system using feeding hoppers and big bag discharge bases. Intelligent docking systems and high-performance aspiration systems help prevent generation of harmful and hazardous dust.
AZO cyclone screeners prevent any contaminants from entering production. AZO vacuum weighing systems that generate a minimum of dust are used for conveying and feeding wherever possible.
They perform three functions in one operation:
the ingredients are conveyed, dosed and weighed precisely at the same time. This method allows for a high degree of accuracy even with large throughputs. The horizontal flow of material means that many components can be transported to mixers or other processing operations while saving space and height. 
In the case of liquids, AZO liquid weighing systems are used that operate according to the gain-in-weight or loss-in-weight method, depending on the process.
Container systems are primarily used when the requirement is for batch preparation free of contamination and with strict separation of lines. Generally, the raw materials are delivered in containers, big bags or sacks and introduced into the system using appropriate discharge systems. 
The innovative AZO®ShuttleDos ensures that a large number of components and recipes are supplied in fully automated processes at high throughputs and free of contamination.
The raised system is extremely easy-to-clean and is very energy-efficient to run.
CleanDock® provides a docking system that combines two important functions: dust-free docking with simultaneous decoupling of the scales. Even when the container has been disconnected, it always remains sealed thanks to the CleanDock® passive element. This reliably prevents contamination through product entrainment of different raw materials.
By taking the DosiBox® as basis, individual concepts with different degrees of automation can be implemented with the AZO DOSINENTER®ranging from automatic dosing of components through to fully automated component logistics.
The AZO COMPONENTER® is a time-tested system with numerous variations for automatic weighing to the exact gram of small and micro quantities, as is often the case when feeding mixers. It is in use in over 650 plants worldwide.
The circular AZO COMPONENTER®is the most affordable solution when there is a limited number of components. Weighing in parallel allows a high batch figure to be reached and it is also possible to feed several mixing lines.
If a large number of components are being processed automatically, we recommend planning a linear design for the AZO COMPONENTER®. Automatic weighing of batches is carried out into mobile scales or directly into containers, which are placed on mobile floor scales. It is also possible to design transport using automatic guided vehicles. Other systems are available depending on the requirements.
Efficient solutions for small components that have to be changed over frequently can be obtained using the DosiBox® and the DOSITAINERS®. Short retooling times, a compact design and ease of cleaning are crucial factors here. The integrated screw feeders allow extremely precise, automatic access to the contents. 
All AZO systems for handling small components deliver consistently high product quality, eliminate contamination and incorrect dosing, accurate measurement repeatability and reliable batch tracing.
Small is beautiful! Micro quantities often play a crucial role in recipes. However, a fully automated system is not be worthwhile in many cases.
ManDos is the perfect solution. With this system, which guides the operator, micro quantities are weighed accurately, added to the recipes or fed directly into downstream processing steps – mainly mixing processes. Incorrect dosages are therefore a thing of the past.
The weighing process is integrated into the overall control system, it is documented by ManDos, thereby allowing traceability.
When combined with an automatic small components storage system, it is possible to achieve a level of automation that is unrivalled when it comes to manual weighing.
After the mixing process, the batches are fed carefully and without segregation to downstream processing and filling using systems that are chosen for feeding precisely these mixtures. For example, these may be bagging lines, big bag filling equipment or systems for loading bulk tankers and packaging machines.
Both volumetric and gravimetric systems are available for filling big bags. Whether floor scales, upstream scales or scales integrated into the suspension, we provide the optimum solution for every requirement.
Semi-automatic systems for hygienic filling of big bags with reduced oxygen mean that products will keep longer. This also allows for longer transport times for delicate goods in big bags.
  • Innovative and outstanding design of the zoatec® homogenizer as the product flow is directed away from the motor drive. Therewith the mechanical seal has longest service life and can be dismantled without disassembling the attached piping.
  • The GMP-suitable design with CIP/SIP ability meets highest hygienic requirements.
  • Conventional O-ring seals, molded seals, single or double acting mechanical seals are optional to use without modification of the standard design.
  • The homogeniser can be used as CIP pump due to the high pump rate.
  • Modular and consistent machine design with scale-up ability and separation between production and technical area.
  • New modular agitation system – from one fixed up to two rotating flow breakers are possible. Other mixing elements (e.g. dissolver, jet mixer, propeller mixer) can be integrated individually.
  • All components on the process vessel are easily accessible for process handling, cleaning and maintenance. Dispersing and pump mode for feeding of chunky goods available.
  • Inclusion of special guidelines like GMP, machine directive 2006/42/EG as well as CIP, SIP, DIP and ATEX capability.
  • Continuous mixing and dispersing of low viscosity to pasty liquids with a variable amount of dry solid. Premix of raw materials is not necessary.
  • Fine powders, granules as well as (coated) pellets can be processed simultaneously. Depending on the material, the shear rate can be varied.
  • A highly accurate powder dosing with a loss-in-weight feeder in combination with a flow-meter for liquid dosing, ensures a continuous consistently high product quality. The integrated measuring technology ensures also an optimum process control.
  • Connection of several continuous plant units type CPU in series is possible.
We realize your plant for GMP, FDA, 3A-SSI and EHEDG directives.
  • As an AZO Group member, the AZO LIQUIDS GmbH consults, engineers and manufacturers, batch and continuous production plants. We are your reliable partner for your plant construction.
  • Our longtime experience in plant construction and engineering guarantees a reliable realization of your ideas and a precise adaption to your requirements.
  • We offer efficient and flexible solutions for the most different ranges in the Pharma, Cosmetic, Food and Chemical industry.
  • We put our focus on cooperation and reliability. Therefore, flexibility and delivery dependability are our essential principles.
  • process control systems with extensive controls for recipes and        production
  • process-oriented production controls, both central and decentralised, and user-friendly process visualisation
  • operator-guided manual weighing (ManDos) with barcode identification and labelling for quality assurance, especially in manual operations
  • batch tracking and tracing – fully documented and transparent from start to finish throughout the entire production process
  • integrated management functions (MES), such as:
    • detailed order planning
    • determining KPIs
    • data exchange with ERP systems
    • planning of materials
    • archiving of historic data
  • plant design and operation on the basis of networked digital models – from process simulation to the digital factory
  • expert advice and services, such as software training from pharmaceutical aspects
  • Extensive range of services:
    • 24h hotline
    • maintenance contracts
    • remote service for online troubleshooting
    • maintenance during ongoing operation
  • retrofit, revamp and modernisation of existing automation systems
  • planning and construction of switchgear for use worldwide (e.g. IEC, UL, CSA)