AZO Liquids new user of the innovation centre for Food Technology FACT

Construction of the Food Application Centre for Technology starts Tuesday 3rd of April 2018

Van Hall Larenstein and AZO Liquids signed a long-term cooperation agreement on Thursday 29 March 2018. AZO Liquids will use the new facilities of the Food Application Centre for Technology (FACT) at Van Hall Larenstein for process development and process optimization for sustainable food processing of sauces and emulsions. AZO Liquids supplies a pilot installation for the vacuum processing of sauces and emulsions.
Food Application Center for Technology (FACT)
The province Fryslân, the business community and the education sector have jointly invested € 6 million in an innovation centre for food technology: the Food Application Centre for Technology (FACT) at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences and MBO Life Sciences in Leeuwarden.
Food companies in the Northern Netherlands can do research, experiment, innovate, and work closely together with education. Thanks to this intensive collaboration, the food industry is assured of specialists who are leading the world in this field.
On Tuesday, April 3, 2018, Van Hall Larenstein in Leeuwarden started the renovation of the former Wetsus process hall, which is scheduled to be delivered in the second week of July 2018 as the new Food Application Center for Technology (FACT).
AZO Liquids
AZO Liquids GmbH was founded in 2008 as Zoatec GmbH by a group of engineers with decades of experience in liquid and semi-solid processes. Since then, AZO has continued to improve its products and adapt them to future requirements of the market and customers. AZO is open to new ideas and has the courage to convert them into innovative systems for dispersing, mixing and homogenizing liquid and semi-solid products.

"Van Hall Larenstein approached us for a flexible pilot installation in their new laboratory," says Dieter Reischmann, area sales manager at AZO. "The aim is the production of emulsions and suspensions. Together the requirements were discussed and a suitable solution was found. AZO Liquids is pleased with this collaboration, because this will have a positive effect for both partners. We expect the university college to train many good students, who can become our customers later on. In addition, Van Hall Larenstein will use the pilot plant for research purposes for the industry with which new applications can be found. "

About Van Hall Larenstein
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